The Ryne Experience

The Ryne Experience is solo/collab project I created last year with the hiatus of my high school band The Preservers. While we still play a few shows a year, I wanted to break solo to the extent where I can play under the same name regardless of lineup change and is more a project than band in the studio. You could just see me at shows or as many as 5 people in the band. Right now the current live backing band is as follows:

Ryne - Vocals, Guitar, Weird Instruments. Mitchell Evink - Bass, Cello, Keys, Vocal. Patrick Kargl - Drums, Keys. Jerry Wenger - Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocal.


Officially released December 19th, 2018, "Hokey" features 22 west Michigan friends and musicians, a brain child project of Ryne's that was written over the past two years, recorded the past year, and bulk done in the last 8 months prior to release. Stream Below: