The Ryne Experience

New album, "The Hits!" featuring 18 new songs of different variety.

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WYCE Live at Wealthy Theatre Performance:

Founded in 2017 after the disbanding of The Preservers,  22 year old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ryne Clarke started the solo/collaboration project The Ryne Experience, showcasing the many talents of West Michigan artists and musicians. Ryne EXP released their debut album "Hokey" in late 2018 and have gone on to release four more albums with their latest "The Onion Tree", released in December of 2020.

(Left to right: Kyle Kuhn - Keys, Ryne Clarke - Vocals/Guitar, Mitchell Evink - Bass, Jerry Wenger - Lead Guitar, Patrik Baney - Drums, photo by Kirsten Lynn Smith)

While being a collective as few as one and as big as 40, The Ryne Experience currently plays live as a five piece jam band, with some performances being acoustic, solo, duo, and extended line ups of other collaborators.

The sound of Ryne EXP can best be described as psychedelic alt-country with emphasis on untraditional folk songwriting and indie sounds made in the home studio "Upstairs, Man" in Lowell, MI. Elements of rock, pop, funk, punk, and comedy shine through the unique recordings with the live shows carrying heavily on high energy psych-rock jams.

Although from different parts of the mitten, the live Ryne Experience has gained a local following in the Grand Rapids area, playing anywhere from dive bars to house shows to concert stages and gaining the attention of media platforms such as WYCE, Local Spins, WRWW, Lowellarts, The Lowell Ledger, Grand Rapids Magazine, Revue, Under the Counter Tapes, Culture.m4a, and more.

The Ryne Experience can be found on most streaming platforms and are active promoting shows and new music on their social media fronts on Facebook and Instagram @ryneexp. If interested in booking, reach out to for details!