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RyneShyne Music Session #16

The Zannies

 This week for our final session of Season 1 we have the Zannies! They are a fresh four piece rock group from Grand Rapids and they sure kick ass! Ben leads the show with his powerful vocals and smooth bass lines, Josh keeps the back beat, and Eric and Peter duel it out on their guitars!

Watch Below:

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RyneShyne Music Session #15

The Be Colony

Get ready to groove down this week's jamming session. The Be Colony is a 5 piece psych/rock/jam band from Fort Wayne, IN, and they have incredible talent. Whether it's smooth baselines, ambient guitar, jazzy chords, droplet keyboard notes, or intense vocal harmonies, this band has it all.

Watch Below:

Easter Day/ April Fools Band Interview from Kargl Studios:

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RyneShyne Music Session #14

The Tube Socks

This week in Kargl Studios we have blues rockers Lewis and Keegan Malone of the Tube Socks. Lewis runs the show with his tight guitar and vocals, while his brother Keegan keeps a steady and tight beat. Watch their short but captivating three song set below.


 Interview Video taken following their performance:

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RyneShyne Music Session #13

Slumlord Radio

This week in Kargl Studios we have hard rockin' "Sweedish" American dudes, Slumlord Radio. They came in with great energy and blew our ears out with their six song beefy set. Tommy leads the show with guitar and vocals, Mike drives the bass, and Matt slams some beats in this heavy session.


 Interview Video taken following their performance:

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RyneShyne Music Session #12


We were fortunate to get Grand Rapids psych rockers in for a session in a Kargl Studios just two weeks after their new album release "Forget Me Not" Suzies offer one our most intimate and intense sessions yet with their krautrock-inspired sound. Join the band as they play through five droning songs below.


Also stream the Suzies interview done later that night on WRWW with special guest interviewer Connor Smithee.

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RyneShyne Music Session #11


This week we had a fresh indie rock band make the long haul all the way from South Bend, Indiana. They were our first band to travel from out of state. They have a powerful, yet laid back sound driven heavily by the drums and bass.  Check them out below:

Learn more about the band from the interview broacasted live on WRWW:

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RyneShyne Music Session #10

Off the Ledge

This week for the RyneShyne sessions we get rock and rollers Off the Ledge, this is an extra special session with the new line up change and some new tunes. All the members bring in a fun element to the groups sound and all have years of experience playing music. Watch Off the Ledge jam it out below:

Stream the informative and funny interview that followed from WRWW:

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RyneShyne Music Session #9

In Safe Hands

We are proud to announce the session of our first hardcore group In Safe Hands. Formed in just August of last year, this new and upcoming group has a lot to offer to the local music scene. Each member brings in different influences to the bands unique sound. Watch their intense four song session below, and stream the radio interview conducted last Sunday from WRWW.

Special thanks to Sam for the second camera.


WRWW Radio Interview:

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RyneShyne Music Session #8

Abram Gunther

This week on RyneShyne sessions, we've got Abram Gunther in the studio. Abram's a talented singer with a country-infused rock sound that is begging to be heard. Beg no longer, listen below to the over twenty minutes of music at Kargl Studios and the WRWW radio interview he recorded with us last week.



Listen to the Abram Gunther radio interview below:

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RyneShyne Music Session #7

Kiwi Army

Get ready for a smooth jazz session this week, just kidding! These dudes are called Kiwi Army: they're fresh, new, and full of anger and comedy. They hail from the Grand Rapids area and always offer a good time at their shows with pool noodles and sun glasses. Watch their highly entertaining music session below, and stream the funny interview that followed. They have the punk rock.


Listen to the Kiwi Army Radio Interview Below:

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RyneShyne Music Session #6

Dance Contraption

This week in Kargl Studios, we are greeted by the upbeat and energetic six piece Dance Contraption. We are fortunate to receive a wonderful Ska set with three horn players. Front man Nick Franklin runs the show with drummer Ben, bassist Shawn, trumpeter Bill, and saxophone players Ashley and Spencer.

Watch Below.

Hear from Dance Contraption and their studio tracks in the interview below:

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RyneShyne Music Session #5

The Scants

Darren, Blake, and Garrett hit the studio to bring you some loud and fast punk tunes for these troubled times. These Grand Rapids punk weirdos are passionate in what they do, and deliver their songs in a very real and refreshing way.

Watch Below.

Listen to the humorous interview The Scants took part of following their session:

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RyneShyne Music Session #4

The Alien Dogs

Grand Rapids based three piece punk rock group The Alien Dogs step into to Kargl Studios to play some energetic tunes. Gabe Tower leads the show with his punk guitar and tight vocals, Mitch Petersen aka Mint Peppercorn keeps the beat going, and bassist Ryne Clarke drives the rhythm.

Watch Below.



Listen to the Alien Dogs interview following the session up at WRWW, featuring special guest and radio star Phil Tower running the interview:


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RyneShyne Music Session #3

Jedidiah Sunflower

Local jam band Jedidiah Sunflower performs this week in Kargl Studios to bring you four original tunes and are backed by Ryne and Patrick of the Preservers for this intimate session.

Watch Below

Listen to Bill and Jerry's humorous interview on WRWW following their performance:
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Jedidiah Sunflower Soundcloud


RyneShyne Music Session #2

Breether - Live on WRWW

Watch Grand Rapids musician Zac Bron team up with bassist Jake Gordon to bring you this performance of Breether. Due to the quiet and indie pop nature of Breether, we had them perform live on radio, November 19th, 2017.

Watch their performance below in WRWW Studio, and hit the link below the video to hear the set and interview that followed on that Sunday night.


WRWW Interview

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RyneShyne Music Session #1

The Ryne Experience

Kings of Lo-fi elevator music, the Ryne Experience offer relaxed and tension-filled compositions for this week's music session. Ryne and Pat of the Preservers team up with music man Jerry and cool guy Devin to bring this weeks performance, enjoy their jamful tunes through five original songs.

Band Pictured at the WRWW interview following their performance.

Listen here:

Ryne Clarke, Patrick Kargl, Will Jewel (Interviewer), Devin Falk,  and Jerry Wenger

Special thanks to Gabe Tower, Tess, and Jerry. Watch the band cook up some songs below.