Live at LowellArts

This page is for our second wave of music sessions that we recorded live inside LowellArts! 



Get ready to groove down to the 70's with Silverstiles; John leads the stage with fuzzy guitar and vocals, Keith holds down the jam with bass, and DJ keeps a crisp beat on drums. Nice rock tunes for the people of Lowell and Radioland on that Sunday at LowellArts.

 WRWW Broadcast of Set 1 not featured in the video:

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78 Revolutions-Per-Minute

The guys from Bet On Rats are back with their bassist on drums, singer on bass, Derek is still Derek, and Rob Bruce runs the show. Enter their world of fast and fun Punk tunes on a hot Sunday afternoon at LowellArts. Watch Below:

WRWW Radio Broadcast of the event:

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 Bet On Rats

Our second guests in LowellArts was Bet On Rats! They are a fresh 4 piece folk punk group from Grand Rapids, MI who carry a unique sound. Dan fronts the band with acoustic and vocals, Derek backs him with lead guitar, and Don and Athen hold a tight rhythm section. Watch their performance and interview below with new songs!

 WRWW radio broadcast of the event:

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Holiday Boyfriend

For our first session of the summer we are greeted by four piece Indie Rockers Holiday Boyfriend. Aaron and Frankie run the show as well as their own record label, Deadplant Records, and Troy and Matt hold the rhythm. This is a great example of a band in their prime beginnings with no albums out and lots of energy, we got a very raw and real performance from them, give it a watch and listen below!

Huge thanks to LowellArts, Big Boiler Brewery, Clear Sky Tech, WRWW, and Alex Shade.

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