Some Solace - Patrick Misner

Released June 9th, 2018, Patrick Misner brings us his third bandcamp release as a charming EP full of hooks. Compared to his other two releases, "Remembered Branches" and "A Different Humor", "Some Solace" offers just what it says and seems to be the most comprehensive release by Misner so far.

The album starts in a daze with it's minute opener instrumental "Had Departed" that slides into "Round" which has a fun guitar hook and soft but powerful vocals from Misner, much like the whole EP. "Some Solace" is the third track and titled track and is another instrumental, similar to "Had Departed", but is perhaps a happier track. "Simple" is the next track that offers a folky riff that descends to smooth melancholy at the chorus. This is where you may really notice some of the vocal work Misner does with a three part harmony with himself. "That Ol' River" swiftly follows and quickly hooks you with the walking guitar and piano. All the choruses on "Some Solace" are powerful and omniscience with layered vocals and droning keys offering the backbone. "Reprise" is the happiest track on the album and paints some pictures in your head. That last track, fittingly, is "Goodnight Emmaus" and is a great way to end the EP with the track being just under two minutes and pulling from the opening track.

About the artist: "I'm from the Grand Rapids area (Lowell) originally and I was in a punk band in high school. I started recording solo non-punk music in high school. I went to college in Chicago and continued making music there mostly on my own. I got a degree in psychology and moved back to Michigan and stopped making music for a few years. I lived in Connecticut for a short time and a little less than a year ago I decided to move back to Michigan again to get my teacher certification to become an English teacher. I have been recording steadily since then and I've made the three little albums that are on bandcamp. I write the music, play the instruments, and record everything. Guitar is really my main instrument. I read a lot, so some of that obscurely comes through in my music."

Stream below.

 - Ryne's Reviews