Jeff Tweedy Live at Royal Oak Music Theater: April 5th, 2018

Last Thursday evening I was greeted by this man, alone on the stage with just his guitar, harmonica, and crooning voice. This is Jeff Tweedy.

Jeff Tweedy is an accomplished musician having been a founding member of Uncle Tupelo in the early 90's, a group whose music paved the way for the Alternative Rock movement to come. As well as his current group that's been together since 1994 with Tweedy as the front man, Wilco. Tweedy gave all of the Royal Oak concert goers a treat with a 21 song set that was as intimate as it was entertaining.

The show was opened with no words from Tweedy with "Via Chicago", a Wilco song from their 1999 break through album Summerteeth, a version of the song which he had arranged as what he calls an "acoustical interpretation" like he did with 10 other original tunes on his first real solo album Together at Last.

Tweedy then jumps into a new song entitled "Bombs Above" and later goes on to play two other new tracks, "Don't Forget We All Think About Dying" and "Noah's Flood (Let's Go Rain Again)." The latter of the three Tweedy somehow gets the whole audience to sing to a song they've never heard before.

The show wasn't all intimate and quiet, the crowd interrupted Tweedy almost after every song shouting song requests and encouraging messages like "We Love You Jeff!" and "You Can Do It!", which tweedy says happens at every show because he "looks like I need to hear that."

It wasn't all new tracks and crowd interaction (although the crowd interaction was prominent), Tweedy also plays Uncle Tupelo's track "New Madrid" and later "We've Been Had" in the encore. In addition to songs from Tweedy's side projects Loose Fur and Golden Smog: "Laminated Cat" and "Lost Love", both of which were played like the versions on Together at Last.

And of course there were Wilco songs: one from A.M. (from crowd request) "Passenger Side", another from Summerteeth with "Shot in the Arm", three from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot with "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart", "Jesus Etc", and "I'm the Man Who Loves You", three from A Ghost is Born with "Hummingbird", "Theologians", and "Handshake Drugs", "Impossible Germany" from Sky Blue Sky, two from Wilco the Album with "Bull Black Nova" and "You and I", "Born Alone" from The Whole Love, and "Locator" off Wilco's newest album Schmilco. All and all it was a career spanning night for the fans Jeff Tweedy.

If the music wasn't enough, you got stories at the concert too. Tweedy talks about how he dislikes the next place he would play, how Indianans aren't enjoying the show as much, how his son makes fun of him for wearing the same outfit every night, and how his real stage character is Chubby Stardust.

Favorite Song: "Theologians"


 - Ryne's Reviews