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Preservers/Ryne Exp - Live from Grandville Parade!

10 minute lofi video of The Preservers playing on the fourth of July! Enjoy snipets of songs!


Silverstiles Get ready to groove down to the 70's with Silverstiles; John leads the stage with fuzzy guitar and vocals, Keith holds down the jam wi...
78 RPM's!

78 RPM's!

The guys from Bet On Rats are back with their bassist on drums, singer on bass, Derek is still Derek, and Rob Bruce runs the show. Enter their worl...

Ryne Tapes Vol. 2

A fun adventure into setting up a home recording space, cutting a track, playing a show, and all around goofing around. Executive producer: Mitch T...

Bet On Rats

Bet On Rats Our second guests in LowellArts was Bet On Rats! They are a fresh 4 piece folk punk group from Grand Rapids, MI who carry a unique sou...

Holiday Boyfriend

Holiday Boyfriend For our first session of the summer we are greeted by four piece Indie Rockers Holiday Boyfriend. Aaron and Frankie run the sh...

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